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Gym Gear Rubber Barbell Set 10-30kg

Gym Gear Rubber Barbell Set 10-30kg

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Weight Stack: 0.00 kg
Height: 0.00 cm
Width: 0.00 cm
Length: 0.00 cm
Protein: 0.00
Carbs: 0.00
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RRP:               £379.99
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Gym Gear Rubber Barbell Set 10-30kg

5 Barbells

Set Includes:

1 x 10kg

1 x 15kg

1 x 20kg

1 x 25kg

1 x 30kg

Using free weights Rubber Barbell Sets rubber barbell set  is a great way to strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper body especially the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. You can also target the core abdominals as well! A strong upper body is essential for good health as it helps take the strain off doing everyday tasks such as lifting, pushing and carrying. 

Covered in durable rubber, the plates won’t damage your flooring as you set them down and noise levels remain at a minimum It also improves carriage and assists in injury prevention. Safe and secure spring collars are convenient and user friendly allowing you to move through your workout smoothly and with little interruption

 Key Features:

  • Stylish and durable
  • black rubber finish will not chip or damage machines
  • Rubber virtually eliminates “clanking” of barbells Chrome easy grip handles
  • Raised number weight identification
  • Unique locking system prevents loosening of the barbells
  • Compact one piece design encapsulated in odourless rubber

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Corex Fitness Bar 10kg
Corex Fitness Bar 10kg
£69.99 £44.99
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