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Single Tricep Rope

Single Tricep Rope

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The Tricep Rope is part of the CoreX Fitness range aiming to bring you the best quality products for unbeatable value. The Tricep Rope is constructed from strong braided nylon rope and moulded rubber stoppers with solid steel cable attachment. As the name suggests it is shaped into a single strand of thick rope for optimal holding shape to isolate your Triceps and work the specific muscle group which is often neglected in workouts.

The Tricep Rope is suitable for use on most home gym systems with its universal cable attachment. Intended for standing push downs, the nylon rope will help you grip the attachment whilst the moulded rubber stops will ensure no-slip comfort so that the weights do not drop on the other end of the cable.

Offering extremely great value for money, the Tricep Rope has been ergonomically designed to provide a continuous level of tension throughout a full range of motion for optimal tricep and bicep exercises. Centre balance construction allows flow-through movement at optimum resistance.

Grab the Tricep Rope now and see your upper arm strength and shape improving!

Also available is the Double Tricep Rope if you prefer a using your hands separately.


  • Nylon Braided Rope
  • Moulded Rubber stops
  • Universal Cable attachment
  • Ideal for use with most home gyms
  • One single Rope handle

Colour: Black

Size: 15” Full Length

11” Handle Length

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