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Corex Prowler

Corex Prowler

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Corex Prowler

The Prowler from CoreX Fitness is designed to develop strength in your arms, legs and hips whilst improving aerobic fitness. Often seen on TV’s weight loss programmes, it provides a fun group way of working out effectively.

The Prowler differs from a Training Sled in that it is pushed with your arms, and not attached around your shoulders or waist to be dragged along. This means it is more of a full body workout, which really puts you through your paces!

Super versatile, the Prowler can be used in a variety of ways. Load up the two back poles with as many weight plates as you can shift for the optimal workout, you can then use the high poles to push the Prowler along, point facing in the direction you are pushing. Once you reached a certain distance, avoid the difficulty of turning it round and simple push from the opposite side with two different level handles to choose from.

These handles can also be used to tie rope around to pull the Prowler towards you, offering a great number of ways in which to use it.  The curved up bases of the Prowler ensure it glides over any surface whether you are working on grass, cement or sand!


  • Made from high quality Steel
  • Push bars located on the back of the sled for game scenarios & team training
  • Sturdy double poles for securing 2” weight plates
  • The curved up bases allow Prowler to work any surface; Grass, Snow, Sand, and all sports turf
  • Double level handles
  • Multiple Training options

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