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Wattbike Pro

Wattbike Pro

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Wattbike Pro

Watt Bike

Operating the Wattbike is very easy. Simply sit on the Wattbike, select ‘Just ride’ from the ‘Main menu’ and start pedalling. The Wattbike Performance Computer will give immediate cycling feedback. The monitor has a powerful list of features (including: preset workouts, save favourite workouts, ReRide against a previous training sessions or cycling analysis) and it is simple to use.

Dual Braking System

The Wattbike features a patent protected dual braking system to enable it to recreate the feeling of cycling on the flat and climbing.

Air-braking system

The air-braking system recreates the feel of cycling on the flat using different gears. The ‘gear lever’ can be moved from ‘1’ through to ‘10’, where ‘1’ represents the lowest gear and ‘10’ the highest. The lever regulates the flow of air entering the flywheel. By increasing the aperture the flow of air and therefore the resistance is increased. For most training situations the rider will only need to apply the air-braking gear system. You can adjust the ‘gear’ during a workout, just as you would on a road cycle and the sensation is just the same.

Magnetic Braking System

The addition of a magnetic braked flywheel allows the rider to recreate the feel of climbing. The ‘Climb’ lever rotates clockwise through one complete turn and is marked ‘1’ through to ‘7’, where ‘1’ represents a level road and ‘7’ a very steep one. The combination of both systems means that the Wattbike can be used at high cadence low wattage at one training extreme or low cadence high wattage at the other.

SPD pedals, saddle and water bottle

All Wattbikes come with reversible SPD and toe-cage pedals and a set of SPD cleats. A Wattbike water bottle and saddle is included in the box. The saddle and pedals are standard fittings can be replaced with any cycling pedals or saddle or the Wattbike racing saddle accessory.


The Wattbike has been developed with British Cycling's coaches and scientists to:

  • Replicate the sensation of 'real' cycling
  • Be the world's first factory calibrated indoor bike
  • Deliver accurate and consistent performance feedback
  • Provide technique feedback on force and power delivery.


In creating the Wattbike a number of guiding principles have led its construction. The Wattbike is designed to:

  • Withstand very heavy use for extended periods of time, for an extended lifetime. Industrial grade construction and components are standard
  • Accommodate all shapes and sizes of user. Whether large or small the strength of the bike and the range of adjustability make it possible for everyone to exercise safely and adjust themselves into an efficient cycling position
  • Deliver at all exercise intensities. As relevant to a cardiac rehabilitation patient who pedals slowly at 30 Watts as an Olympic sprint cyclist who peaks at over 2000 Watts
  • Perform accurately, and maintain that degree of accuracy throughout its lifetime
  • Be compact and stylish. An indoor bike that suits a gym environment and one which the user would be happy to have in their home.

Handles - Stainless steel spinning handlebars with vulcanised rubber grip fitted as standard, height range - 55-74cm

Seat - Comfort Seat comes as standard. You can fit your own seat.

Resistance - 10 Resistance Levels - Dual Resistance, Air Brake and Magnetic Brake

Frame - 30kg, 80mm x 40mm, 2.5mm thick zinc shield primed steel frame to provide a strong and stable platform on which to exercise

Pedals - Combination pedals are fitted as standard with MTB SPD on one side and Look Keo fitting on the other, the pedals come with an adapter for the use of toe clips. You can fit your own pedals.

Connectivity - USB Cable, USB Stick and ANT/ANT+/Polar/MyZone Heartrate

Weight - 55kg

Size - 130cm x 66cm x 125cm

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