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Maximuscle Sculptress Bars 12 x 60g

Maximuscle Sculptress Bars 12 x 60g

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Maximuscle Sculptess Bars

12 x 60g

What are Sculptress Diet bars?

Sculptress Diet bars are a nutritious high protein meal and snack replacement which contain the added ingredients green tea extract and L-carnitine. Available in a tasty chocolate caramel crunch flavour, Sculptress Diet bars are the ideal nutritionally balanced option to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Each Diet bar contains at least 30% of the RDA for 21 vitamins and minerals and over 16 grams of high quality protein. Coming from a blend of soya and dairy proteins - casein and whey; each bar provides just 215 calories to help you to create a calorie deficit and achieve your weight loss goals.

How can Sculptress Diet bars help you?

Sustainable, healthy weight loss is achievable with Sculptress Diet bars. When used as part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle, Sculptress Diet bars are a convenient yet balanced and nutritious high protein option to replace a meal and snack each day.

Effective weight loss occurs when a realistic calorie deficit is created; therefore simply replacing one to two meals/snacks per day with a Sculptress Diet bar could help you to achieve this! Plus each bar contains green tea extract, L-carnitine and is fortified with 30% of the RDA for 21 vitamins and minerals helping you to create a calorie deficit without a nutrient deficit.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 60g bar
Energy 906kJ
Protein 16.9g
of which sugars
of which saturates
of which linoleic acid


Fibre 0.2g
Sodium 0.2g
Green Tea extract 21mg
L-carnitine 613mg

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USN HMB 1000 120 Caps
USN HMB 1000 120 Caps
£29.99 £17.49
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