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Whey 100 Isolate 5lb

Whey 100 Isolate 5lb

Weight: 2.27 kg
Weight Stack: 0.00 kg
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Protein: 90.10
Carbs: 1.00
Calories: 372.00
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Whilst the interest in cheaper forms of protein may appear to be increasing, the reality is that companies are looking for an easy way to increase profits, whilst attempting to bamboozle the customer with science. The reality however is that whilst the world wide demand for quality whey protein is rising, so is the price. This is the sole reason that other companies are looking for a cheaper alternative, the simple fact is, they are not willing to buy quality whey isolate, so they introduce cheaper, less efficient protein and attempt to market it as equal to Whey Protein Isolate.
Peak body Whey 100 is processed through the Cross-flow-micro filtration (CFM) technique, this highly advanced process uses a high-tech ceramic filter to carefully isolate the protein fractions from the fat, lactose and damaged whey. The CFM processing technique aids in the maintenance of the important glycomacropeptides (GMP’s) that are missing form products processed with the Ion-Exchange method.
The high percentage of BCAA’s present in Whey 100- pure Protein Isolate provide more efficient protein synthesis allowing for quicker, more efficient recovery from training. Whilst the plethora of information and marketing literature available on the cheaper proteins is often convincing, the fact still remains that whilst quality Caseinates and milk protein isolates do exist, well-processed Whey Protein Isolates should still remain the number one protein choice of the serious athlete. Not only does Whey Protein Isolate possess a superior Biological value over the much cheaper rivals, providing greater retention of the muscle building nitrogen molecule, resulting in improved muscular gains and faster recovery, it also offers numerous other valuable benefits to the hard training athlete. Proteins such as Caseinates and Soya, are far more likely to contain a high percentage of harmful bacteria than quality processed Whey Protein Isolates and Concentrates. Also the immune system buffering and the alleged anti-cancer benefits of whey proteins provide other very important reasons to choose whey Isolate, not just for superior muscle growth, but for increased health, vigour and immunity.
Nutritional Breakdown

Typical Nutritional (100g) (before mixing with water)
Energy 372kcal Protein 90.1g Carbohydrate 1g of which sugars 0.3g Fat 0.95g of which saturated 0.5g Sodium 320mg Typical Amino Acid Profile (per 100g of protein): Aspartic Acid 11.11g Threonine 7.62g Serine 4.78g Glutamine 17.94g Proline 6.47g Glycine 1.65g Alanine 5.13g Cystine 2.28g Valine 4.98g Methionine 2.11g Isoleucine 5.55g Leucine 10.2g Tyrosine 2.89g Phenylalanine 3.05g Histidine 1.59g Lysine 9.26g Arginine 1.83g Trytophan 1.68g

Cross Flow Micro filtered Whey Protein Isolate, Flavourings- Natural Colour (Strawberry contains beetroot red, Banana contains beta carotene, Chocolate contains cocoa powder, Sweeteners: - (Aspartame, Acesulfame-K)
Recommended Usage

Mix 1 serving of Whey 85 with water and shake or blend. Use 1 serving immediately upon waking, followed by 1 serving upon cessation of intense exercise, with other servings to fulfil daily protein requirements.

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