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High 5 Zero

High 5 Zero

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High 5 Zero (20 Tablets)

High 5 Zero is an anti cramp electrolyte drink and it is part of the system to improve fat burning during exercise and can also be used as part of a "train low race high" strategy.

Each tube contains 20 tablets and makes 10 litres of drink. Drop one tablet into 500ml of water to produce a zero-sugar low-carb anti-cramp electrolyte drink with added magnesium.

High 5 Zero also comes in Neutral (Salts) flavour which can be used to increase the electrolyte content of existing sports drinks or make your favourite drink into a correctly configured electrolyte drink.

High 5 Zero are a simple yet effective way to hydration.

High 5 Zero is fruity and contains Vitamin C and electrolytes.

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