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Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water (12 x 1000ml)

Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water (12 x 1000ml)

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RRP:               £49.99
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Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water

(12 x 1000ml)

Only £45.99 RRP £49.99

Vita Coco is based on one single ingredient: natural coconut water. The coconut water used in Vita Coco comes from young green coconuts (not brown ones) and is loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes, with each 330ml serving providing 15 times more potassium than leading sports drinks.

As a great tasting, fat free and low calorie route to natural hydration, Vita Coco has become the best natural alternative to sports drinks, pure and flavoured bottled waters for consumers.

The natural hydration and nutritional properties of Vita Coco Coconut water has already won the brand a loyal following amongst many, including celebrities and athletes.


  • 100% Coconut water from young green coconuts

Recommended Use

  • Vita Coco coconut water can be drunk as it is for natural refreshment and as a sports drink to replenish any salts lost during sports activities
  • It is the perfect choice whether you are just balancing life's every day demands or running your next marathon

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