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Beet It Pro Elite Sports Shot (15x70ml)

Beet It Pro Elite Sports Shot (15x70ml)

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Beet It Pro Elite Sports Shot


Only £22.49 RRP £29.99

Each Beet It SPORT Stamina Shot provides 0.4g of dietary nitrate. It's ingredients are beetroot juice with a small amount of lemon to reduce beetroots natural sweeteness. You will not be disappointed by this new product- try Beet It SPORT Stamina Shot today.

BEET IT SPORT contains 33% increased dietary nitrate - delivering a constant dose of 0.4g per 7cl shot. Like our Organic shot, it is cut with lemon juice to reduce its natural sweetness, and again, does not have an overpowering taste or smell of beetroot. As this product has been designed specifically with the elite sports world in mind it is no surprise that almost all of our professional teams and elite sportsmen and women have switched to the SPORT shot.

Our beetroot juice shots are now the preferred delivery method used by research teams to boost Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the blood. Enzymes in saliva breakdown the uniquely high levels of natural dietary nitrate found in the juice. There are many benefits of boosting NO levels, but the Sports Science team at Exeter University led by Professor Andy Jones have focused on oxygen utilization efficiency and have found a significant stamina boost as a consequence.

How To Use

For optimum results, we recommend you have one BEET IT SPORT shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Some of our elite athletes insist the best results come from taking the shot on a loading basis, ie. having one shot a day for 1-2 weeks before an event. However research shows that athletes will also feel an effect after just one stamina shot.

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