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Extreme Labs PCT

Extreme Labs PCT

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Extreme Labs PCT

90 Caps

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Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), is an all natural testosterone booster from Extreme Labs which offers multi-functional benefits to individuals at the end of a hormone therapy course.

What are the benefits?

Following a course of Pro-Hormones, you may be worried about potential ‘crashes’ and depleting muscle growth. This negative side effect is easily countered by the additional supply ingredients which boost your production of natural testosterone so you can retain the size and strength gains you earned during your PH cycle.

Whilst this is recommended as a post cycle therapy product, it is also suitable for those who have not recently been taking pro-hormones and merely want to increase their natural production of testosterone without relying on hormone supplements. Your potential gains will increase with Extreme Labs PCT whether you are coming off pro-hormone cycle or not.

Not only does this product work to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone hormone, it will supress your body’s desire to transform excess testosterone into estrogen which counteracts the benefits of testosterone. IT will also act to restore your body’s liver enzymes which can suffer as a result of taking a Pro-Hormone.

The key benefits of PCT include:

  • Suppresses Estrogen
  • Restores Liver Enzymes
  • Increases Natural Testosterone

Who is it for?

As mentioned earlier, PCT by Extreme Labs is suitable for both for people coming off Pro Hormone cycle or alternatively for anyone wanting to increase their body’s natural testosterone production.

Because of the testosterone boosting ability of PCT, this product is only suitable for males over the age of 21.

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